About Us


Our Classrooms are prepared with Montessori environment which fosters learning in all areas like Practical life, Sensorial, Math, Language, History, Geography, Botany, Zoology, art and craft, music and movement. We provide a variety of activities/materials to develop gross and fine motor skills. Our curriculum provides a sound academic background while stimulating and challenging each child to meet his or her own particular needs and learning pace.

We offer a year-round, full day, half day, and extended care program designed to promote the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of children through various activities such as field trips, library visits holiday celebrations, winter concert, etc.


We at LKM, believe that it is fundamentally important to :

  • Recognize, encourage, protect and respect the physical, emotional and intellectual individuality of every child.
  • Provide a safe environment that nurtures every child’s self esteem and creativity.
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop according to their own capabilities and interests.
  • Offer program that foster independence, self-confidence, and social responsibilities.
  • Provide academic opportunities to allow each child individual learning style to develop fully.
  • Provide a well-rounded curriculum that will become the foundation for a lifetime of learning.